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I didn’t even come in to get a bra, I was bringing my mom in to get a fitting and I got roped into trying on a few bras. They got the fit perfect the first try but found several other styles that were options. I ended up getting 2 bras and a sports bra. I am definitely coming back next time I need a new bra or swimwear. It was a comfortable place to shop. I loved that the dressing rooms were spacious and the whole layout was easy to shop from but the service was above and beyond what I have experienced other places. I have had had fittings at Lane Bryant and other chain stores and I have never had a proper fit. They aren’t going to try and “sell” you something. They are really there to get you into the right bra for your body.

-Christina H., 10/5/2018

Well, after shopping all these years at Victoria Secret I was honestly never 100% happy or comfortable with their bras. Turns out they just don’t carry my very unique size… It was only until recently at VS someone who actually knows her stuff, sent me away! She was super nice but was like “Um we don’t have your size…” She acknowledged the fact that she shouldn’t do that to the place she works, but she wasn’t going to fit me with something that doesn’t truly fit me…
So she sent me here to The Bra Spa!
I’m so thankful she did! Because this is my home now! Haha! I can actually have a BUNCH of bras in tons of colors & designs! Not just one Bra in black & one in white… (Boring!) Turns out I am a 30H! So it’s no wonder I’ve been so uncomfortable all these years. I’ve been so frustrated with never having anything pretty… I was stuck with only black or white & thick straps! (ugly!) My posture is better too & I’m so comfortable! Thank you ladies at The Bra Spa (& the honest girl at VS). I’m one happy girl & so are my girls!!
-Vanna H., 11/15/2017

This is the best way to buy a bra in Tucson. The. Best. I went to a “Girls’ Night” party there last night, and Margo (owner) and Kateland (manager) fitted all 10 or 11 of us – with our different shapes, and preferences, and budgets – smoothly, easily, and best of all, in a fun way that took the pain out of bra shopping. Plus, I was totally convinced I was wearing the right size bra, but turns out I wasn’t. And I learned about which bra companies specialize in my shape. The bras aren’t any more expensive than a department store, plus you get uber-personalized service, plus you get a discount if you bring in a used bra to donate to a local charity. Win-win-win.

-Jenny M., 07/20/2017

OMG- This place was a god send and owner is fabulous. Wasted 3-4 hours at the mall stores and bought 3 bras from various stores that were just OK …. did not fit perfect but I was desperate for new bras as mine were falling apart. Driving home I remembered my hair stylist mentioning this place … I thought what the heck I would stop in and hope they could fit me. Took me pretty much right in and I came home with 4 awesome bras!!! (took the others back). Pricing was right in line with anywhere else and you can not beet the customer service. I LOVE THIS PLACE and will be going back for a sports bra soon and ALL future bra needs … they have panties. swim suits, etc as well.

-Lora I., 6/14/2018

Everyone is pleasant and so helpful to make sure you get exactly what you need and want. They don’t try to upsell anyone. Had to order a special bra for me and stayed on top if it until it was completed. Great, personal service. They also seem to communicate well so that whoever answers the phone knows who you are and what you had ordered. Excellent customer service. On another note, I have received .ore compliments on how good I look and how much weight I have lost. Truth is, I lost no weight…just finally got a bra that fits and now my clothes drape off my body better and look better.

-Cindy R. 10/26/18

I won’t buy a bra anywhere else. I hadn’t worn anything but a sports bra in years because my breasts didn’t fit in a DD and navigating the bra works over a DD cup proved prices went up astronomically, in store availability plummeted to nothing, and styles were bland and depressing. Margot found my proper band and cup size within 5 minutes of my first fitting and I walked out with two extremely comfortable and CUTE bras. These products are for real life bodies and real life breasts and they are QUALITY at very reasonable price points! They have literally everything you could ever need; classic, t-shirt, comfort, work out, sexy, and if they don’t have your size in store they will order for you. The women are all so well educated on their products and in my experience have gotten me exactly what I want and need every time. The atmosphere is of an actual spa, they help you with everything, changing rooms are large and carpeted, and everyone is empowered and all bodies are embraced. I have referred all my friends to this incredible boutique. Thank you Bra Spa, you’re a Tucson gem!

– Kat M., 1/4/2019