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I brought my daughter here on a whim and I can honestly say, I can’t wait to go back for myself!! Margo is so knowledgeable, super sweet, the shop is perfection! I don’t know why anyone would shop anywhere else for a bra? You get 1:1 service and you feel like you are the only person in the world while you’re there! The bras are comparably priced to Dillard’s or Victoria’s Secret. Shop local! You won’t get better service anywhere! I will absolutely be back and I’ll tell everyone I know about the Bra Spa!!

-Tiffani M., 12/8/2017

Well, after shopping all these years at Victoria Secret I was honestly never 100% happy or comfortable with their bras. Turns out they just don’t carry my very unique size… It was only until recently at VS someone who actually knows her stuff, sent me away! She was super nice but was like “Um we don’t have your size…” She acknowledged the fact that she shouldn’t do that to the place she works, but she wasn’t going to fit me with something that doesn’t truly fit me…
So she sent me here to The Bra Spa!
I’m so thankful she did! Because this is my home now! Haha! I can actually have a BUNCH of bras in tons of colors & designs! Not just one Bra in black & one in white… (Boring!) Turns out I am a 30H! So it’s no wonder I’ve been so uncomfortable all these years. I’ve been so frustrated with never having anything pretty… I was stuck with only black or white & thick straps! (ugly!) My posture is better too & I’m so comfortable! Thank you ladies at The Bra Spa (& the honest girl at VS). I’m one happy girl & so are my girls!!
-Vanna H., 11/15/2017

This is the best way to buy a bra in Tucson. The. Best. I went to a “Girls’ Night” party there last night, and Margo (owner) and Kateland (manager) fitted all 10 or 11 of us – with our different shapes, and preferences, and budgets – smoothly, easily, and best of all, in a fun way that took the pain out of bra shopping. Plus, I was totally convinced I was wearing the right size bra, but turns out I wasn’t. And I learned about which bra companies specialize in my shape. The bras aren’t any more expensive than a department store, plus you get uber-personalized service, plus you get a discount if you bring in a used bra to donate to a local charity. Win-win-win.

-Jenny M., 07/20/2017

I am so glad I found The Bra Spa! Margo and Kateland were so nice and knowledgeable and I found a bra that FITS! I was so far off in what I was wearing, and Margo fit me in a great bra that INSTANTLY solved my back pain woes. I will highly recommend The Bra Spa to any of my friends. BONUS: The bras in my size aren’t just beige here!!! 

-Julia T., 7/11/2017

Incredible experience at the cutest boutique!!! I have had the hardest time finding well fitting wireless bras and Bra Spa knocked it outta the park!! They had the best selection and their customer service was top notch!! I walked away a very happy customer.

-Elizabeth K. 4/28/18

Amazing customer service, cute puppies to snuggle while you wait, and excellent bras! It had been far too long without a new bra fitting after a pregnancy and over a year of nursing, so I was thrilled to walk out with 3 new gorgeous bras and a 4th one on order. I will be sending everyone I know here!

-Samantha Y., 10/13/2017