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I am so glad I found The Bra Spa! Margo and Kateland were so nice and knowledgeable and I found a bra that FITS! I was so far off in what I was wearing, and Margo fit me in a great bra that INSTANTLY solved my back pain woes. I will highly recommend The Bra Spa to any of my friends. BONUS: The bras in my size aren’t just beige here!!!¬†

-Julia T., 7/11/2017

I stopped in today and what a wonderful experience! The atmosphere¬†was gorgeous, and ladies were amazing. But maybe the best part? It is sooo hard to find cute bras in my size but they had it all, and the customer service truly can’t be beat. Just made a lifetime customer out of me. Thank you so much!

-Jessica K., 5/20/2017

Just had my bra fit party at The Bra Spa! I knew I wasn’t wearing the right bra but I had NO idea how good the RIGHT bra would feel! Thank you Margo Hall and your Bra Spa team for giving us your knowledge in such a beautiful and comfortable environment! Planning another party soon for my work buddies and other friends! Do not miss out on this experience! You will be so glad you went!

-Suzanne S., 06/30/2017