Louisa Bracq Louisa Bracq - Ziggy Full Cup - 48701

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This is Ziggy the new lingerie collection by deep cup specialist Louisa Bracq. Its style of wide black-blue-pink herringbone, assuredly modern provides stunning contemporary looks with a bold accent.

  • Ziggy underwired triangle bra lingerie range by Louisa Bracq deep cups brand.
  • We like : the audacity of the embroidery.
  • Ziggy by Louisa Bracq carries us into an elegant sophisticated universe of geometrical embroidery with geometrical black-blue-pink over black background.
  • Ziggy underwired triangle bra reinvents the well known zing-zag of the herringbone into a more modern version with a spectacular result!
  • Obviously Ziggy underwired triangle bra is just one to give some spark to your silhouette.
  • We discover this unique feeling with Ziggy underwired triangle bra, delicately underscoring the breasts yet providing good support.
  • The very spectacular triangle bra provides also a V pretty neckline underscored by the black tulle letting the skin be seen.
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