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Bra Fit Parties

Invite your girlfriends to The Bra Spa for an evening of friends and fit! We provide lite snacks and we strongly encourage our guests to take advantage of our BYOB liquor license and bring some adult beverages. Our space is partitioned off from the public so that is is 100% private. We take each gal one at a time into a fitting for a professional and personalized bra fit consultation. The perfect number of guests at a Bra Party is 8-10 with a minimum of 6. We are delighted to fit ladies as young as 10 years old and strongly believe that bra fit education.

The hostess will receive a free bra when her party spends over $1000. If you have guests who cannot make it, we are happy to extend your party an additional week so those guests can come in for a fitting.

Trust us, these parties are a TON of fun and also educational! Book your Bra Fit Party at The Bra Spa today!

Call us to book your party or if you have any questions. 520.770.7870.

Bra Fit Party at The Bra Spa Bra Fit Party at The Bra Spa Bra Fit Party at The Bra Spa