Our Team

Margo Hall

Margo is the creator, founder and owner of The Bra Spa.  Her mission is to help all women find comfortable and correctly fitting bras for a reasonable price.  She carries many styles to fit every woman, for every activity, in every stage of life.  She has a knack for helping the DD+ busted gals and has a special passion for helping pre-teens and teens learn the importance of proper supporting bras to protect their breast tissue from a young age.

Margo is received her B.S. and J.D. degrees from Arizona State University and spent most of her career as a Legal Administrator.  In 2015, when she knew it was time for a career change, she did lots of soul-searching and kept remembering the day many years ago when she visited a specialty bra shop in Atlanta, GA and was finally able to find a bra that fit her ample bosom.  She wants to enable other women to have that same experience.  Since then, she has attended a variety of bra fit training courses, and has studied under a renowned fit expert.

She lives in Tucson with her two daughters and in her extremely limited free time, she enjoys a good glass of red wine, reading fiction novels, taking a leisurely walk, or catching up on much needed sleep.

 Rosie is The Bra Spa’s shop dog! She visits the store as much as she can and she LOVES to keep little ones company while you shop!


Jamie Bush

A Native of Austin, Texas, Jamie moved to Tucson in October 2019. Shortly after her arrival in The Old Pueblo, a wardrobe malfunction while grocery shopping led her to The Bra Spa, where she walked in as a customer and walked out with a job. 

Jamie connects with her customers through her past experiences with ill-fitting bras, and loves making customers happy by providing them with an uplifting experience.

When she’s not slinging bras, Jamie enjoys spending time with family, friends, and her cats Bernie and Tootie.

She received a Cosmetology license from Baldwin Beauty School in 2004. Jamie likes reading, horror movies, collecting clown art, and is fascinated by desert wildlife. 

Quote: “If you come to an expert for a solution, listen to the advice.”

Favorite bra: Sachi!


Breezy O'Leske

(she/they)After dropping her sewing machine off in the plaza for cleaning, Breezy noticed the Bra Spa and decided to see what they had after remembering a particularly bad day at work where her breasts fell out of her bra multiple times, in front of her peers. Having done research, she could tell what did not fit but struggled to find something that did. She did not leave with a bra that day, but she did leave with a job. Over time she found styles that complimented her body, and now loves to share that joy with others while making sure they love their bras as much as she loves hers.Originally from a small town in Kansas, Breezy has always known two things; she was meant to wear lace and everything nice, and that she can never turn down a good outdoor adventure. Her Libra moon guides her to her next outfit, her Aquarius rising keeps her looking for her next adventure, meanwhile her Capricorn sun keeps her on track for personal growth and new opportunities.