Holiday Gift Ideas

It is that time to find that perfect gift!  It isn't always so easy...close family, close friends, friends and acquaintances.  I don't want to leave anyone out!  I also don't have the $$$ to get what I would like for everyone.  

One idea, from a friend of mine, is to buy some inexpensive Holiday tins and fill them with candy, soaps, pens...anything fun.  Have them available so when you see someone you have a simple, but thoughtful, gift ready!

Now, the gift for the special someone...what to get?  I love when someone who really knows me gets me something that reminds them of me or something that I have mentioned or something in a color that I love.

The Bra Spa tries to keep a Wish List for each of our clients.  So, if your person has shopped with are in luck!  If no wish list is available, a gift card is a great option.  What is better is if you make a day of it and come with them when they shop.  BOTH of you can be fitted together, or just be there to cheer them on!

In any case, The Bra Spa has some great gift items.  We really tried hard to find things that are fun to receive and are useful throughout the year!  One item I just picked up for myself is the Phil Basin by SOAK.  In my last blog, I TOLD you how great the SOAK brand of cleaner works!  The basin seems like an item you can get anywhere BUT...this basin is lightweight, foldable to drain water, generous enough to hold at least 5 bras, you can use it as a small laundry basket and more.  It comes in fun colors too!  It is a remarkably useful gift.  You can put in a Gift Card and some soak and you have a really substantial gift.  We would be happy to make it into a presentable gift for you!

AND MORE!  We have the most soft, comfortable and warm rompers too!  Black Red Grey.  Shorts or Long pants.  It cannot get better that these, they also have the old time back booty opening! Very sexy too.  For the guys we have SAXX loungers in some very awesome prints with Bananas, Pizza or a Plaid Banded Black.  We have some Henley topped Flannel pants if you are in the COLD part of the country. 

HEY we even have bathing suits for those who like to sport in their jacuzzi!

Come in and let us show you some fun items to surprise that someone..."Caution" men's underwear, boob hooks, wrapping paper with different breast shapes...all gifts for a good laugh.  

We would love to help you come up with gift ideas!  Our plaza has all sort of shops with more ideas as well.  Come on by, hope to see you soon

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Renata Rauschen